Hero’s Journey Diagram

My goal in developing my own interpretation of the Hero’s and Heroine’s Journeys was to show how these journeys utilize and develop Masculine and Feminine energy within our lives.

To do this, I felt that I had to start with a different image than the standard circle or wheel diagram. I wanted to begin with the Yin and Yang symbol because I personally see duality in all things. Perhaps I’m wrong or simply not seeing all sides of all things (is that even possible?). For now, this is how I see and interpret the journeys.

It should be noted that the larger circles with the red outlines represent steps/stages where the potential Hero/Heroine can become “stuck” in negative patterns of behaviour.

The larger circles with green outlines represent steps/stages of a potentially balanced existence.

The Hero's and Heroine's Journeys
The Mirrored Hero’s and Heroine’s Journeys

The full diagram of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as interpreted and diagrammed by Mark Stratton.

“Master of Two Worlds” has been moved to the last step because I believe that this is the attainment of the Highest Self. I believe it is somewhat more difficult for the Masculine-minded person to become that balanced “Master of Two Worlds” than it is for the Feminine-minded person.

The Duality and Balance of the Hero's Journey
The Hero’s Journey
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