The Burden of Purpose – I Am Mother – Soul – Entrapta

The BURDEN of Purpose: Spiritual Lessons From I Am Mother, Soul, and She-Ra (Entrapta)

(Not an April Fool’s video…I had planned one and then April 1 snuck up on me before I clued in that it was here)

I felt that I Am Mother, Soul and Entrapta from Netflix’s She-Ra series all needed to be talked about in the same video as they all portray “Purpose” from differing perspectives.

00:00 Introduction
01:47 Title
02:07 Preamble
03:07 I Am Mother Ending Explained (Spoiler)
04:03 The Burden of Purpose
05:03 Three Types of Purpose
09:02 An Acceptable Type of Purpose
10:06 Your Actual Purpose and End Blessing

Be your own Heroine! Be your own Hero!
Be your own Guru!
Change your Self. Change your world.

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