Dual Ego Hypothesis and Archetypes (Man in the High Castle & Man of Steel)

This unscripted livestream turned out to be surprising. I was very pleased with my thought process and flow. I’ve always wanted to be able to talk off-the-cuff like this.

00:00 Epic Failure Intro
02:25 Topics For The Day
03:40 My Thoughts On Ego
04:10 The Ego Is A Filter
05:55 We Have To Have An Ego
06:35 My Dual Ego Hypothesis
07:15 The Survival Ego
08:15 The Duty Ego
09:00 Man Of Steel (Ego Examples)
13:30 She-Ra
15:00 What’s An Archetype?
16:35 The Ultimate Purpose Of The Hero’s Journey
17:10 Thor: Ragnarok
17:55 Building Your Own Ego
18:55 Extend Ego Into Politics
20:50 Pixar’s Cars
21:50 Learn To Be Flexible
23:30 Man In The High Castle Explained (Spoilers)
27:00 Why Only Two Systems?
27:50 Change Can’t Be Forced
28:30 My Issue With Conspiracy Theories
29:25 You’re Still You At The End Of The Day
31:00 The World Is Going To Change
32:30 Beginning Of Sum Up
33:40 Alan Watts And Ego
36:00 Anime And Hero’s Journey
37:00 Back To Man Of Steel

Be your own Heroine! Be your own Hero!
Be your own Guru!
Change your Self. Change your world.

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