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I knew when I began this podcast that my Achilles’ Heel would be my antipathy towards advertising and marketing. Slightly ironic considering that my day job has been marketing in some form or other for my entire career years.

Perhaps that is the very reason that I dislike advertising and marketing so much. Many years ago I had the realization that they are both nothing more than lying and manipulation of the public. The entire purpose of marketing and advertising is to manipulate people into buying one product over another or believing one politician over another and so on and so forth.

Thus, my determination has always been to keep Think Spiritual Podcasts completely ad-free and somewhat autonomous.

I had considered using Patreon and other such Subscriber-Driven methods of making money, but they did not feel right either. I want to keep my podcast free and available to anyone who happens across it. I also do not like the fact that many of these type of websites are slowly dictating what content creators can and cannot say/do.

However, my time is valuable and I would appreciate some monetary support, so what was/am I to do?

Well, a PayPal donation button seems like an obvious choice. Not sure why I didn’t choose that before!

And, over the summer of 2018, I discovered that I’m quite good at buying and selling used music gear online.

So, if you wish to support Think Spiritual Podcasts, please head here:

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And buy a piece of music gear for yourself or for a musician friend.

Or just use this PayPal donation button! 

Not a musician nor have any musician friends? Then buy a guitar pedal from somewhere else and ship it to me. For my personal use I have an affinity for Made-In-USA DOD pedals. For general resale, anything will do.

Thank you very much and I hope you continue to enjoy Think Spiritual Podcasts.

—Mark Stratton