What is Spirituality? with Andrew Jasko

Good day Spiritual Seekers!

Alright, I know. Right off the bat the title of this podcast may have you wondering where I'm heading here, because if you're a long-time Listener you probably know that I'm not going to hard-label a subject like Spirituality and tell you exactly what it is. Every single guest I've had on the show and everything I talk about essentially has a different definition of what Spirituality actually is.

And today's episode is no different.

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Andrew Jasko is a former Pentecostal Christian minister who transitioned out of organized religion to the wide, wide world of Spirituality. It is perhaps easier for him to say what Spirituality isn't than what it is (and the same would be true for most people).

Andrew aids others through personal coaching, public speaking, and through his website https://lifeafterdogma.org/to heal from the trauma(s) of leaving a system of rigid beliefs and move into a place of spiritual peace.




I was using a new microphone setup and hadn't had a chance to test it, so my audio is a little blown-out for the first 15 or 20 minutes of this episode. This is quite a long episode overall, but I hope you take the time to listen through it.


Change your Self; change your World.

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