Personal Spiritual Journeys #7: Rich Decker (Mindful Accord)

It's finally time to listen-in on another Adventurer's Personal Spiritual Journey!

Welcome, once again, Spiritual Seekers to Think Spiritual Podcasts. This week I am finally releasing a new Personal Spiritual Journeys episode and this marks the first episode that I have managed to produce online using Zencastr.

My guest for this episode is Rich Decker from and The Hero's Journey Podcast.

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About Rich:

Rich Decker, B.S. in Psychology

Rich Decker is the founder and lead facilitator at Mindful Accord. Rich has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Colorado State University. After graduating from CSU Richard worked his way up through various management fields ranging from Banking to Hotels and Resorts but personal issues started affecting his life. Despite his success in business management, he felt something vital was missing. He reached a critical point in his life after a lifelong struggle with debilitating anxiety and depression that included drugs, alcohol, and thoughts of suicide. At the lowest level of his desperation, he was introduced to mindfulness methods and techniques of mindfulness practices and quickly became engrossed in a totally new outlook on life, resulting in a huge weight of negativity disappearing almost immediately. By adopting these various methods, he was able to gain fresh insights and attitudes. This led directly to his role in forming Mindful Accord.


I also had the privilege of being a guest on Rich's The Hero's Journey Podcast if you care to listen in at all.

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Change your Self; change your World.

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