Personal Spiritual Journeys #1 – Mark

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Hello and welcome to Episode 3 of Think Spiritual.

My name is Mark and today I am introducing the first installment of the Spiritual Journey Interview Series of Think Spiritual podcasts. The purpose of this series is to interview people in regards to their personal spiritual journeys.

This particular episode was supposed to be just a test for the interview process, but the conversation turned out so well that it seemed a shame to not release it.

There are a few notes I would like to make in regards to this first interview podcast: first, except for this introduction, I will not have a script in front of me and in the past this has not served me very well as I tend to ramble and rabbit-trail through a wide variety of subjects.

The interview questions have been designed to keep conversation moving in a semi-specific direction. Hopefully these questions will mitigate any severe topic deviations.

Second: Please bear with me as I become used to being live on the microphone. There are numerous pauses and hmmm’ing and ahh’ing and stuttering as I search for words from time to time. I am hoping that regular practice and learning a few speaking techniques may alleviate these issues in the future.

Overall, I hope none of this detracts from your enjoyment of the episode.

Today’s interview will differ from future episodes in this series as I will be the interviewee and not the interviewer. My lovely lady, Christine, has deigned to join me on the microphone and she will be the one hosting this particular episode.

We both felt that it would be a good idea if listeners have some type of idea as to what kind of spiritual journey I am on and what my background is and what my goals for this podcast are.

So, without further ado, I would like to welcome Christine to the podcast and I hope you all enjoy listening to this first spiritual journey interview:

(What follows is simply show notes I wrote before we recorded the episode. I may end up pasting a full transcription here at some point in the future.)

  • Introduce Christine. Talk about “us” for a minute or two.
  • Perhaps talk about some subjects that Christine may want to bring up on future episodes.
  • Segue into questions: Christine could say, “So, those are some of my ideas of things that are spiritual and that leads us into the first interview question for you, Mark…”

What does the term “spiritual” mean to you?

  • Spiritual, to me, refers to almost anything that “moves” something inside of us. For me, that is the emotions.
  • Emotions are the starting point of spirituality. They are the way-pointers.
  • Understanding emotions is the key to unlocking your instincts and intuition.

Do you follow a specific religion or spiritual practice?

  • I believe it is highly unlikely that I ever will “join” any religion or group.
  • How is it possible to grow spiritually when you are confined within a dogma?

Have you had a major life event or experience that changed your worldview?

  • Without too much detail, describe your journey away from Christianity.

What everyday events or activities are spiritual to you? (i.e.: something you consider spiritual that maybe not everyone would)

  • Motorcycling, walking to work, listening to music with meaningful lyrics.
  • Learning the value of housework/tidiness.

What benefit do you derive or hope to derive from your chosen spiritual path?

  • I simply cannot think of a better way to live or spend my time.
  • Better than feeding/clothing people?

Who has influenced you along your spiritual journey?

  • Michael Tsarion
  • Alan Watts
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Corporeal Fantasy
  • Thich Naut Han
  • Jesus
  • The Buddha
  • Comedians such as Joe Rogan, Bill Burr and Louis C.K.
  • Karen Traviss (Wess’har Wars)
  • Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis (Death Gate Cycle)
  • Margaret Weis (Star of the Guardians)
  • Richard Adams (Watership Down)
  • C.S. Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia, The Great Divorce, The Space Trilogy)
  • The movies I will be reviewing
  • My counsellor
  • My mother and father
  • Christine (seeking peace)



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