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Think: to direct one's mind toward someone or something; to use one's mind actively to form connected ideas.

Spiritual: relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.


My name is Mark and this is episode one of “Think Spiritual: Musings of a Seeker”.

Let me get some basic format details out of the way before I let you know why you should subscribe to Think Spiritual.

This podcast may be slightly different than what you are used to. I do hope to interview some people from time to time and some of those podcasts may be long-format conversations. What I mostly hope to create is short talks exploring some of my own ideas about spirituality and reveal some of what I have learned on my personal journey.

The intention of these talks is to create an outlet for me to express spiritual and philosophical concepts and ideas that are of interest to me.

I plan to produce a series that will go through the stages of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth, also known as The Hero’s Journey. This series will aid you in understanding the concept of the Hero’s Journey and it will help me deepen my own understanding of it.

I will also be creating a series of spiritual movie reviews. This does not mean that I will be reviewing supposed “spiritual” or religious-based movies and telling you how good or bad they are. My reviews will be examining the spiritual elements of these movies: the symbolism, the imagery, the mythology, and the hidden meanings that I see within each film.

All of these podcasts will be available in audio format, slide-show-type video format, and in written blog format. You will be able to access them on iTunes, YouTube, and on the thinkspiritual.ca website. Please follow me on Twitter or Facebook for updates and other information.

I should mention that the audio-only podcast versions will have an introduction tagged onto the beginning of each episode. A little bit of preamble and some background on my thought process leading up to the creation of the episode.

My goal is to keep these productions completely ad free. I quite despise product advertisements. If you like what you hear and you wish to support these podcasts, please visit my Patreon.

I hope some of those ideas have peaked your interest and that you will download or watch an episode here and there. However, I would mostly like you to listen to this podcast so I can encourage you to think a little differently during each day.

We spend most of our days thinking about tangible, material things or ideas related to the physical world. We think political, we think economical, we think medical, we think work, we think stuff, we think friends, we think family, we think world problems.

There is a primary problem with this type of thinking:

Most of this “thinking” isn’t even our own. It is forced upon us through family and friends and government and church and especially through social and corporate media. All of this thinking is going on, but does all that much really change and get better?

And there is a secondary problem with this type of thinking:

Most of this thinking is not active.

Think is a verb. To think. The act of thinking. It is supposed to be active.

I have started the Think Spiritual podcast and website because I am going to begin to challenge you to actively think about your spiritual life.

I am going to challenge you to think emotional, think rational, think body, think mind. I am going to ask you to think Self, think wholistic, because all of these things are spiritual in nature.

I am going to challenge you to ignore the outside world for a while and truly consider what is going on inside of you.

Some of you may balk at the idea of ignoring the outside world. I understand that. We physically live in the outside world and there are physical things we need to deal with on a regular basis - basic survival for instance: eating, staying warm, staying dry, mating, sleeping, etcetera.

However, what goes on inside your mind, inside your SELF when you aren’t performing these basic survival functions? If you let it, the physical world will demand all of your time and energy and chew you up and spit you out, because to the outside world, you mostly don’t matter.

Your purpose is to understand yourself first and then to experience and understand the world around you.

Most people have this concept backwards and you can see the results in North American society and in other societies today. The outside world says, “Join us! Be one with us! We can tell you how to be you!”

But they can’t tell you how to be you.

No one can tell you how to be you.

But they will try. And you just may believe them sometimes.

But it’s all a lie.

How to be you is something you have to learn throughout your entire life and the only way to do it is to look inward and to take the spiritual path. The Siddhartha Road. The Hero’s Journey. The Left-Hand Path.

It is time to stop putting all of our focus and thinking energy outward. It is time to think inward.

It is time to Think Spiritual.

Change yourself; change your world.

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