Conan the Barbarian (1982): The Perfect Feminine & the Everyman

Hello my Think Spiritual Listeners!

It's about time that Bernardo and Gonzo and I got down to the crux of the matter and discussed the movie that started the Think Spiritual Swordporn Series: Conan the Barbarian!

We have had numerous conversations about this film and it comes up in other conversations as well, because it is a movie that portrays the masculine and feminine archetypes to their perfection.

What? The perfect feminine archetype? In Conan?

Absolutely. The character of Valeria is the epitome of the feminine. The strong, powerful defender, willing to lay her life down for what is hers and who is ultimately raised to Goddess status.

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I will admit that the audio quality for this episode is not the best. Ever since I ripped the podcast room apart I haven't gotten the "table format" back to its former glory. However, it's still quite listenable. I couldn't bear to edit this conversation much, so all I did was clip the last 20 minutes off to leave this one at the hour-mark. I may release that last 20 minutes at some other time in the future. It is a good conversation on its own.


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