An Introduction to Archetypes with Beth Martens

Two months ago I said to myself, "I need to start learning more about archetypes" and the next day I found Carol S. Pearson's book, Awakening the Heroes Within.

As I read (half of) that book and reread portions of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, I also continued my own research and scoured Twitter for other users that were using the #HerosJourney hashtag.

Lo and behold, I made contact with business coach, archetype reader and creator of the MerPreneur’s Journey, Beth Martens - a fellow journey-er who had quite the story to tell and she was more than happy to share some of her experience with archetypes with me on the podcast.

This episode of Think Spiritual Podcasts is a dive into the vast and complex subject of archetypes and how they are constantly at work in our lives. I hope that it is only the first of many discussions we will bring you on this fascinating and extremely useful topic.

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Beth Martens’ Bio

Business coach, archetype reader and creator of the ‘MerPreneur’s Journey’ that maps the value of a woman’s life purpose, Beth Martens' calling is a life or death thing. After a decade of as a corporate VP in her family’s firm, 8 trips to India, and a 3-year battle with cancer in 2001, she used archetypes save her life and reclaim the hidden, denied and disowned parts of her self and went full time on her soul’s path.

Today she helps healers, teachers, coaches, artists and transformers to gain their freedom by creating divinely aligned businesses and being valued to make their contribution to the greater good - without having to crash from going in too many directions or suffer their strong desire to help. She dreams of helping a million women follow their soul’s work - so they can be part of to returning humanity back to Nature.

Visit her at ​​ to hear her story, and do a free MerPreneur Archetype Quiz to learn where you are on the Journey and take a deep dive into the Nature Child where it all begins.

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