Highlander: Overcoming Nihilism

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My great friends, Bernardo and Gonzo, joined me to watch the 1986 film, Highlander, for movie night. Great fun and great conversation ensued...and guess what? We just happened to catch the conversation in audio and video format! Gee, how did that happen? *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

I think the first episode of any series will always be a little on the rough side. We just kind of shot-from-the-hip on this one and dove right into the deep end of the pool, but overall it turned out really great.

I added a 3 minute intro just to explain a bit of this as I always have to over-explain and justify everything I do. It’s a quirk...or a fault...maybe I just enjoy explaining things. Ha!

This podcast is 64 minutes in length. Check out the video or just tune into the audio...your choice, of course!


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  1. Okay…so I am old(er) compared to you young men but I have also watched and enjoyed the Hilander movies. I admit I had not thought they might have spiritual lessons before now but as I watched, one thing that did intrigue me was the concept of ‘sacred’ ground (wasn’t there something about not fighting on sacred ground and wasn’t that ground usually a cemetary, the abode of the dead?)…plus, the ‘watcher/witness’ character. More stuff to think about on your journey. 😀

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