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Be your own Hero! Think Spiritual Podcasts looks at modern stories through the lens of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey and explains their mythological meaning.

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The Deeper Meaning of Movies

The complete list of Mark's essays regarding the spiritual imagery, symbolism and emotional content of many of his favourite movies.

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Personal Spiritual Journeys

This is where you can get all kinds of individual opinions on what it means to be "spiritual".

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The Hero’s Journey

Are you in the throes of beginning your own spiritual journey or do you feel newly awakened? Then you, my friend, have begun the hero's journey and learning more about the path you are on could aid you in the future. Check out Mark's talks on this very subject.

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(Spiritual Lessons From) 80s Swordporn

In this brand new series from Think Spiritual Podcasts, Mark, Bernardo, and Gonzo discuss what we can learn from the Heros of 80s Sword & Sorcery (AKA Swordporn) movies.

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